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Legacy Call - planned giving Calling Services

Catapult’s planned giving calling program enables organizations to solicit a larger number of planned giving prospects than could be achieved in face-to-face visits.  Planned gifts usually come from donors who do not have the wealth capacity to make a sizable gift today, but can use their estate to make a larger gift in the future. 


Most organizations have prospects in their database who have been giving over many consecutive years, showing how much they care about the mission and vision of the nonprofit. If they had the wealth resources to make a large gift today, they would probably make it. Often, a donor wants to leave a legacy gift (planned gift) to their alma mater, their church, their hospital, or some other organization that has played a significant role in their life.

Legacy Call

Catapult’s planned giving calling services offer a three-touch program that is highly customized and personalized to meet your organization’s needs.  Through one-on-one communication with your most loyal donors, we identify your best planned giving prospects, confirm and quantify new planned gifts, educate donors about gift options and close planned gifts.  We are the only planned giving calling program in the country that actually closes planned gifts.  Others refer the prospects to the client to close the gifts.


Our Catapult planned giving solicitors have specialized in soliciting planned gifts for years.  They are accustomed to the type of questions that planned giving prospects have.  They have experience closing these gifts.


We are proud to report that our cost-per-dollar for this program is typically less than 10 cents.  There is no more cost-effective planned giving fundraising program in the marketplace today.

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