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on-site Calling program  training & Consulting

Our on-site consulting services focus on your caller management, training, and the quality of your conversations. Our trained team will evaluate your calling program on-site. We will spend a week listening to your callers, meeting with your management team and making recommendations. It is a hands on approach designed to increase results immediately.

After evaluation of your program, we will provide you with a written report outlining our findings and making recommendations for improvement. We guarantee results! 

Our on-site consulting services can also include a full-time resident director to train your callers, manage the day-to-day activities and work with your staff. We will become an extension of your team.

on-site services

  • Resident Director to manage all aspects of your phone program

  • Monthly conference calls with your development team

  • Training of staff and calling team

  • Quarterly audits of the program 

  • Extensive reports with recommendations

  • Full-service consulting for all your phone program and/or annual giving needs

  • Major Gifts/Planned Giving Calling consulting

  • Highly personalized survey calls made to determine the most viable prospects for you to call and visit

  • Use of personalized pre- and post-call letters to maximize responses

  • Design of survey questions to learn most vital information from those suspects/prospects

  • Management of data, responses, and reporting

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