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TeleCast is a modern twist on traditional town hall events. TeleCast is a virtual town hall conducted via the telephone. This live event can be initiated from anywhere to tens-of-thousands of your prospects, wherever they may be!  


Catapult will partner with you to promote the event, and our virtual moderators will screen live questions for your speaker to answer during the event. TeleCast also offers live polling opportunities so you can get real-time answers to any questions you'd like to ask. Don't miss out on an opportunity to make an ask to your live audience!

how it works

Catapult will partner with you to determine a date and time for your TeleCast event. We will help you promote your TeleCast to your base of donors and prospects. Emails, newsletter announcements, social media messaging, text messages, and direct mail pieces are typical ways we encourage you to promote a TeleCast. A pre-recorded invitation message is dialed out and voicemails are left when necessary.


On the day of the event, TeleCast dials thousands of prospects inviting them to stay on the line to participate in the event. Our trained screeners will queue up live questions for your speaker to answer during the TeleCast. Your speaker can ask polling questions throughout the event for you to get real-time data from your engaged participants.

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