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Campaign readiness

It’s best to take the time to “get ready” for a major campaign that will substantially change the impact your organization can have in the future.  A campaign starts with a dream and a vision.  The dream needs to be a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) that cannot be achieved without a campaign.  The BHAG then becomes a statistical vision for the impact change that can happen when it is achieved.

Our clients who want to get ready for a campaign usually have one or more of these goals:

  • Want much greater impact for those they serve than they have ever had before

  • Expand the number of people served

  • Need a facility or facilities (bricks and mortar) for greater impact

  • Plan to greatly expand programming

  • Need to build and/or expand endowment

  • Need capacity building with improved infrastructure


Depending on the amount of readiness to be done, this phase can take 12-18 months

Catapult's Deliverables

  • Develop a campaign menu and dollar goal

  • Develop a plan for due diligence for construction costs or other expenses

  • Write a case for support for the campaign

  • Assess the marketing/public relations readiness for a campaign

  • Develop a staffing plan for the campaign

  • Review all current fundraising initiatives for increasing results during readiness phase

  • Review the Board’s leadership for a campaign as well as Board’s wealth capacity for the campaign

  • Develop a Board recruitment plan

  • Recommend/consider an Advisory Council

  • Review constituencies for campaign leadership

  • Identify a chair for the campaign

  • Identify and research individuals for a Campaign Committee

  • Review the database for potential donors

  • Begin campaign prospect research

  • Review Board policies and procedures for a campaign

  • Conduct staff and volunteer training as needed

  • Identify organizational weaknesses that need to be addressed prior to campaign

  • Review current donor recognition policies and procedures

  • Develop a plan for campaign donor recognition with naming opportunities

  • Identify prospects to be interviewed in a Feasibility/Planning Study

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