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major donor prospect research

In order to conduct successful major donor solicitation, whether it is for annual or capital, there are two necessary ingredients:  wealth capacity and interest. 

We believe in the 4-Right Rule of solicitation:  solicit the right prospect for the right amount at the right time by the right solicitor.  


The best way to identify prospects for solicitation is to research their wealth capacity. This will help you determine appropriate ask amounts, as well as gage the prospect’s interest. Staff and volunteer solicitors find our profiles invaluable as they prepare for a solicitation.


Catapult is affiliated with DonorSearch wealth rating services. After obtaining a wealth rating for a prospect, our

in-house researchers utilize over 50 research sources to develop individual research profiles to be used in planning the solicitation. Our clients say that we offer the best research profiles they have ever used! It saves clients time and money to have a well-researched prospect with a recommended ask amount. 

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