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Upcoming Presentations

Establish, Grow or Reignite Planned Giving in Your Organization

Presentation by Jeff Grandy at the 2023 AFP Planet Philanthropy Conference!


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Board Development and Creating a Development Plan

Presentation by Jeff Grandy for AFP Wisconsin, Upper Mississippi Valley Chapter.


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Integrating Direct Response Strategies into Your Development Plan

Presentation by Jeff Grandy at the 2023 AFP Planet Philanthropy Conference!


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Board Development


Presentation by Shannon Brennan at AFP Mahoning-Shenango Chapter's Program Fundraising Day.


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Establish, Grow or Reignite Planned Giving in Your Organization

Presentation by Jeff Grandy for the San Antonio Planned Giving Council


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Major Gifts: Identifying the Yes You're After

Presentation by Diane M. Carlson for the AFP Coastal Bend Chapter


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education RESOURCES

Education Resources
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Managing The Ask...What to Say When Making the Ask!

Whether you’re a seasoned fundraiser or new to the profession, we’ve all found ourselves in situations where we’re just not quite sure what to say during a donor solicitation.

Did I make the ask too soon?

Did I ask for too much? Too little?

How should I have phrased the ask?

How to handle when the donor says “No”

How should I have responded to their follow-up questions?


Diane answers all these questions during her 45-minute presentation and walks the audience through different scenarios that ALL development professional encounters at some point in their careers.

What our attendees thought: 

  • This was one of the most helpful webinars I have attended in the longest time. Thank you so much!

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Establish, Grow or Reignite Planned Giving in Your Organization

Join Jeff Grandy, M.Ed for a 45-minute webinar dedicated to enhancing your planned giving efforts! Return to your organization equipped with the information needed to integrate planned giving strategies into the overall development structure. Explore how to create a pipeline of donor prospects, identify the stages of planned gift cultivation, and talk about typical timelines for securing planned gifts. Time will be dedicated to discussing marketing and communications plans. A planned giving timeline will be established, allowing attendees to return to their organizations with the necessary tools to ignite their planned giving efforts!

What attendees thought: 

  • Jeff did a great job. Thank you. 

  • Always love Jeff's insight. Knows his stuff and is very helpful!

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So You're Thinking of Planning a Capital Campaign? Essentials for Success!

Many organizations consider a Capital Campaign, but don’t know where to begin. This 45 minute webinar, presented by Diane M. Carlson, will discuss what to do and where to begin when planning for your Capital Campaign. 


This webinar will discuss the importance of a feasibility study, setting an appropriate Campaign dollar goal, building a gift chart, and determining a Campaign timeline that will work best for your institution.

What the attendees thought:

  • I thought Diane did an excellent job covering key points. Thank you!

  • Excellent information---well stated!

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Debunking Telefundraising Myths & How to Effectively Use Phoning Today!

Presented by Anthony Alonso for the Association of Lutheran Development Executives, this webinar debunks current telefundraising myths and discusses how telephone outreach is still the most effective form of fundraising, after face-to-face visits.

This session looks at current statistics and trends in fundraising and how telefundraising can be incorporated to enhance your organization’s current efforts.

What the attendees thought:

  • So much critical information that's relevant in today's fundraising climate! Thank you!

  • Thank you for your time today. We oftentimes hear telefundraising is "dead" and it's CLEARLY not the case! Thanks for sharing your case study with us.

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Key Pillars of Capacity Building that Will Impact Your Organization’s Success!

Join Paul A. Dunne, CFRE, Senior Vice President of Catapult Fundraising for this FREE, 45 minute-webinar that will discuss the key pillars of capacity building. Paul will discuss conducting donor assessments to learn what your donors really think about your organization, steps for database diagnosis & segmentation (including wealth screening), communications / marketing ideas and initiatives, and governance including board measurement, board recruitment, and managing board expectations. 

What attendees thought: 

  • This was a great and concise presentation of logical steps for nonprofits!

  • Great job!

  • You provided some amazing tips.

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Managing the Ask...Essential Steps When Soliciting Major Donors

For more than 30 years, Diane M. Carlson has been helping her clients ask for and receive millions of dollars in support for their organizations. In this, 60 minute webinar presented for the AFP KS, Topeka Chapter, Diane walks her audience through the process of managing the “ask”, starting with prospect identification and ending with how to handle saying “thank you”.

What AFP KS, Topeka said:

  • Diane’s presentation on “Managing the Ask” was very thorough and covered all of the basic knowledge and tasks needed for working with major donors. She presented the steps and conveyed the process in a logical, easy-to-digest format. Our attendees were very engaged and appreciated her valuable advice!

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Lessons Learned About the Annual Fund During a Worldwide Crisis


Join Anthony Alonso as he discusses the tools and techniques you should use to maximize communication efforts with your donors, especially during times where face to face visits are not always an option. Cultivation is key for the long-term sustainability of your annual fund, so make the most of a multi-channel strategy that incorporates email, direct mail, phone, text, and social media solicitations!

What AFP VA, Tri-State Chapter said:

  • Great presentation.  Relevant to changing times.  

  • Learned a lot! Great job

  • Straight to the point. Helpful info!

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Growing Your Legacy Society- Why Aren't We Asking?

Most planned giving donors say “they were simply never asked” for a gift. Learn how your organization can avoid this common pitfall and develop a thriving and profitable planned giving marketing and solicitation plan. 

This session explores methods for how to make the ask using the mass communication instruments of mail, e-mail and telephone solicitation. This webinar also provides strategy on the selection of donors for a planned giving direct marketing campaign.

What the attendees thought:

  • This is one of the best planned giving webinars I've attended. Thank you!

  • Great direction and ideas to immediately implement within our organization. Thanks for the great advice!​

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Developing Impactful Case Statements


Paul A. Dunne, CFRE & Jeff Grandy, M.Ed discuss everything you need to know about writing the most effective case statement for your organization. 


This webinar outlines the key items to include in your case statement, discuss how to capture and incorporate compelling stories, and will provide you with direction to ensure this case statement plays a critical role in your organization's future success.

Attendees' response:

  • Great webinar! Very helpful! Thanks!

  • Thanks for your time and knowledge sharing!




Latest News

Latest News
Michael Blimes.jpg

Congratulations to
Michael Blimes!

We are extremely proud to announce Michael Blimes, Senior Vice President of Client Development at Catapult Fundraising, has received the prestigious recognition of AFP Distinguished Fellow.

Michael has been a leader in the fundraising profession for more than 50 years. He has worked with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, helping them realize their fundraising goals and build sustainable development programs. He is a frequent speaker at nonprofit conferences and events, and is a passionate advocate for the profession.

We are incredibly proud of Michael for receiving this honor and for his continued dedication to the fundraising profession. Congratulations, Michael!

Multi-Channel Fundraising -
Are You Missing the Mark?
by Anthony R. Alonso

Digital fundraising is a great way to secure a large number of smaller gifts and hype pocket projects, but where do you go from there?


The Phone is the Most Powerful Tool You Own

Have you ever asked yourself how phone calls made by a professional fundraising firm can possibly be as good as those made by your own staff? Should you still be making calls during the COVID pandemic? How can I possibly find the time to call my donors on top of everything else I have to do?


Listen to this podcast with Joe Tumolo of Gift Planning Development and Anthony Alonso of Catapult Fundraising to hear HOW outside firms get incredible results and WHY your organization MUST make calls, whether you personally pick up the phone or partner with an outside firm.

July 2020 PodcastAnthony Alonso & Joe Tumolo
00:00 / 41:12

How to Effectively Use the Phone Today- an Interview with
Anthony R. Alonso

“One of the things we hear all the time is telephone fundraising is dead. The truth of the matter is it’s not a question of whether we use telemarketing. It’s a question of how we use it.”

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Key Steps for Soliciting Major Donors -
an Interview with Diane M. Carlson

"Just by belonging to your organization and agreeing to
a meeting, top prospects are signaling they may be
ready to make a major gift"

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