Our mission is to provide exceptional fundraising outcomes for our clients. To do this, we build strong donor relationships that will leave a lasting legacy for our non-profit partners. Our services will be delivered consistent with each client’s guiding principles and Catapult’s high quality standards.


Our vision is to provide high quality fundraising services to our non-profit partners. Catapult’s core principle is to act as a public ambassador for every client we represent. To do this, our Calling Specialists make each and every prospect they contact feel good about their affiliated institution. 


Additionally, we foster an environment that allows for our team members to find meaning and fulfillment in their work. Each employee, from Calling Specialist to Catapult Partner, truly feels their work is making a difference in the world.


In furtherance of our Vision and Mission, Catapult pledges to our client partners and team members that we will operate with the following core values as our guiding principles:  

  • To positively impact the donor experience

  • To provide innovative fundraising solutions

  • To focus on quality over quantity

  • Honesty and integrity in dealing with all partners (employees and clients)

  • We will do the right thing, no matter the circumstance