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capacity building

Capacity building is for the purpose of strengthening your organization's infrastructure, management, and governance so that you can deliver greater impact in the future to those you serve.

Catapult partners with 501(c)3 organizations to build capacity. Our services focus on goal setting for increased long-term sustainability, building philanthropic infrastructure for increased fundraising results, strengthening the Board, planning for succession, and greatly increasing impact.

our services

Catapult partners with non-profit organizations to accomplish four main goals:

  • Evaluate current fundraising results that have growth potential

  • Recommend and implement new fundraising opportunities

  • Review the governance infrastructure and strengthen the Board

  • Build philanthropic infrastructure to increase long-term sustainability. 

Catapult's Deliverables

  • Conduct an assessment of all current fundraising initiatives

  • Develop a written fundraising plan

  • Review the current Case Statement for fundraising expansion

  • Provide a written fundraising plan that can be implemented in partnership with the organization and the Catapult team

  • Consult to the development of fundraising solicitation materials (print, online, and social media)

  • Implement actual fundraising initiatives to begin to increase fundraising revenue

  • Review and consult to donor recognition

  • Develop a Board recruitment plan for a three-year period including roles/responsibilities

  • Conduct fundraising training of staff, Board members, and volunteers as appropriate

  • Conduct major donor prospect research for individuals, corporations, and foundations that could be a good fit for the organization

  • Provide policies and procedures for gift acceptance

  • Provide a recommended development staffing plan with job descriptions

  • Provide progress reports as needed

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